10 Funny Excuses To Avoid Being In a Relationship

Many of us might don’t even know how to make coffee, but we all are like pretty much experts in ‘making excuses’Gotcha! And most of us use our expertise when we want to get rid of a ‘wrong, unwanted or boring relationship’. But how we do it? Let’s check.

1) My first love is my work

Often young ambitious boys and girls, who pretend to be hardcore workaholics, prefer to use this punch line as their hot favourite excuse to sneak out of an undesired relationship.




2) En vitla enaku maapla paathutanga

Ouch! It pains when you get to know that your beloved girlfriend’s parents have finalized her marriage with some other boy. But beware…. It might be a lie!


3) You are too chipkoo yaar

Wake up! Highly possessive and dominating behaviour of yours might make your partner to throw these harsh yet true words right on your face before saying goodbye forever.


4) Ni munnamaari illa romba maarita

You might be left scratching your head, thinking what has exactly changed within you???…. when you bf/gf leaves you with this baseless excuse to get into a new relationship you are unaware of.


5) You remind me of my sister

Aiyayyo! You might think that how can someone be so cheap to use this excuse for breakup. But for your kind information, such cheapos are available in wholesale!


6) Hamari kundali nahi milti yaar

Haai Shabash! What one can do if their destinies don’t want them to meet? By the way, this is like one of the most emotional excuses partners like to use.


7) Enna sandhega padriya??? Poda!

You might not have doubted on your GF/BF even for a single time but your ears stand a good chance to face this blame, if at all your partner is willing to skip-out by putting you in a state of guilt.


8) Look… I am a playboy!!!

Ooh-la-la! A very straight forward and a stylish excuse to show-off while breaking up… generally preferred by geeks!


9) You deserve someone much better than me

Aww! One can only cry and happily allow his/her partner to leave… after hearing these fake works dipped in the sugary syrup of care and concern. It can’t get more worse than this!


10) Ni romba poi soldra

How much truthful and honest you might be, if it’s not working out with your lover, get ready to hear this excuse from him/her at any point of time.


Though these are the topmost excuses of all time, several new “silly excuses” are becoming the latest trends for breakup like: online but not replying? BREAKUP! You move your leg too much BREAKUP! I don’t like the model of your smartphone. BREAK UP!

Well guys… while recapping many of us might have felt as if we are peeking into our own mirror!

CAUTION: Try not to hurt anyone while making these excuses…. As every partner is special, they might not give you anything else but they all give you lessons!

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