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5 Examples That Prove Its’ Not Over Until Dhoni Says It’s Over!

5 Examples That Prove Its' Not Over Until Dhoni Says It's Over!

There is something very special about MS Dhoni. This is the reason why everyone connects things to him. However, he has the power to make things change. There is trustworthiness in his power.

5 Illustrations Where Dhoni's Performance Made His Team Win.

It seems like he is an absolutely convincing player. At times he proved that if he thinks of winning nothing can stop him. Look at these

1) T20 World Cup, 2007

This is something really memorable. It was the final match against Pakistan. While Pakistan wanted 13 runs in the last over to win the T20 World Cup Title. However, the Indian captain knew what he had to do. Though it was an easy win for Pak. However, we needed a single wicket and stunningly got it. And it was a brilliant win for India.

2) T20 World Cup, 2016

So here, the competitor team was Bangladesh. So in the final over, they needed 11 runs. It was manageable with Mahmudullah and Mushfiqur Rahman on the line. Batsman needed 2 runs in 3 balls followed by a boundary and 6 runs off 4 balls. So here is the turning point. Surprisingly India took 2 consecutive wickets in the next two deliveries. It was a single run in the last ball.

This might still be considered in batsman’s support. However, the battle is not over yet. As we have Mahi behind the stumps. Hardik Pandya was the bowler and delivered the last ball. When the batsmen were going for the run, Dhoni triggered the run out making India win.

3) Tri-Nation Series, 2013

This was again India Vs Sri Lanka in the finals of the Tri-Nation Series. However, the wickets were falling vigorously. Except for Dhoni, who was the only hope for India. He was there till the end with everyone laid off except Ishant Sharma. Dhoni, all set up in the last over. It was 15 runs to win. He took a new, heavier bat, and hit a 6, followed by a 4 and then a 6 to conclude the things. You have to make yourself green-eyed to see his ability to make difficult things easy.

4) Commonwealth Bank Series, 2012

A 270 run tracking target was set by Australia. India’s hopes were all stuck on Dhoni. And once again without any disappointing India, he delivered. India needed 13 runs in the last over. This time R Ashwin was with Dhoni. He never lost hopes and with full of energy, they both ran between the wickets. He kept on adding runs and with one of the longest Six at Adelaide Oval. India got a scintillating victory.

5 Illustrations Where Dhoni's Performance Made His Team Win.

5) Indian Premier League,2021

Dhoni accomplished 28 runs out of 6 balls. He also steered Chennai Super Kings to the finals. Most of them might have not predicted that CSK would be in the finals. However, CSK was the finalist. In a match against DC, CSK needed 13 runs in the final over. A finish by Dhoni and we got it. 

So enjoy the thrill, and be proud to be a part 5of the Dhoni era. 

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Written by Sabiha Sultana

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