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7 Amazing Restaurants in Chennai That Serves Yummy Haleem in Ramzan

Haleem is a very famous power-packed traditional dish. It is especially served and consumed by the fasters during the holy month of Ramzan. The way it’s been prepared is as extreme and unique as its taste! It is consistently cooked all night for 8 to 12 long hours at a stretch to get that unmatchable aroma and texture out of it. The ingredients in it play a peculiar role like rice, wheat, lentils, pulses and meat.

Traditionally, it’s been served in Arabic countries but Chennai seems to be all set to compete with them by offering some delicious haleem at various restaurants across the city. Let’s explore them.


1) HALEEM EXPRESS – Triplicane

Established in 2005 by two brothers inside the foyer of Walajah Masjid, Haleem Express is that one spot in Chennai where you will get authentic haleem with a wide range of other iftaar dishes.

2) CHARMINAR – Royapettah

Want to taste Hyderabadi Haleem by being right here in Chennai itself? Then Charminar of Royapettah is the right place for you to be at! Mutton Haleem is one of their specialities you must try.


Hugely famous among the youngsters, T-Nagar’s Hajeera’s Kitchen serves humongous haleem! On a daily basis, they prepare and sell about 60 to 70 generous litres of haleem; which in the holy month of Ramzan experiences a leap and goes up to 120 litres per day!


4) RASAVID – Karapakkam

Unlike Hajeera’s Kitchen, Rasavid prepares and serves haleem exclusively during the Ramzan only. And believe it or not, it has a heavenly taste.

5) PISTA HOUSE – Royapettah

The secret spices of Pista House are what give their haleem a clear extra edge over all others. Truly!

6) ZAMRUD – Velachery

Veachery’s Zamrud was initiated with motto to serve authentic Persian dishes to their consumers, and they are beautifully doing the same by offering some lip licking yummy haleem.

7) FAZARI – Chromepet

With an intention to spread Arabic Cuisine all over, Fazari was launched at Chromepet. To an extension to which, they started serving haleem first during Ramzan and now across all seasons. This clearly proofs that it’s one of their bestsellers!

Now, you know where to go in Chennai near you, to satisfy your cravings for authentic haleem during Ramzan or otherwise! There are many other chains of restaurants in the city who serve mouthwatering dishes during this auspicious month, but due to COVID-19 we miss them 🙁

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