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TruCheck: A Fake Hospital Was Set Up For PM Modi’s Visit To Leh?

A Fake Hospital Was Set Up For PM Modi's Visit To Leh?

Over the days, Indian soldiers faced violent attacks from the Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley of Eastern Ladakh. 

On Friday of 3rd July, PM Narendra Modi visited Nimmoo in Ladakh to interact with the personnel of the Army, Air force, and ITBP. 

PM’s address also included that ‘ The age of expansionism got over and this is the age of development. He also mentioned that history has witnessed the expansionist to either lose or turn back’, Modi said. 

After the addressing, PM Modi visited the injured soldiers in the Galwan Valley clash who had been admitted in the Leh Military Hospital. He consoled them by telling that India will remember their bravery which will also inspire the youth. And he also mentioned that Indians will never forget the sacrifices of the brave soldiers who were martyred for their country.

Meanwhile, PM tweeted his speech in the troops. The photographs of PM addressing the injured jawans in the wards of Leh Military Hospital was released in the social media, which created the spark among the users. Many of them said that it was a ” Marketing gimmick”, whereas some of them even added that it doesn’t look like a hospital. There was no medical equipment or drips. 

Netizens shared their tweets which created fuss amongst the parties . some even went on to claim that the patients seen in the photographs are actors, not real soldiers. And few of them told that the hospital was staged because it looked like a conference room with a ceiling-mounted projector. 

However, Ex military reservist and HC lawyer Navdeep Singh came to the rescue and pointed out that Chief of Army Staff Gen MM Naravane had visited the hospital to meet the soldiers, and photographs of the same were shared on social media by army’s social media.

Thus ending the debate in social media, the hospital wasn’t staged but soldiers injured in Galwan valley clash are indeed being treated there in the seminar hall which has been converted into a hospital ward. Due to the pandemic COVID-19, patients are being treated in the public facilities which are turned into a makeshift hospital. Therefore, this is the reason for a conference hall to be turned out as a hospital ward for the injured soldiers, but that does not mean it is staged and fake.

The people who have visited the hospital have confirmed that the conference hall is located in the hospital itself. They were real Indian army soldiers recovering in Leh Military Hospital’s conference hall. Thus the allegations in social media are baseless. 

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Written by Haniya Yashfeen

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