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A Kerala Muslim Woman Became A Mom Of Three Hindu Children!

Ever since the release of the movie, “The Kerala Story”, stories of intercommunal harmony and togetherness from Kerala have been trending on social media. This is our effort to draw attention to some of these tales.

A Kerala Muslim Woman Became A Mom Of Three Hindu Children!

When Thennadan Subaida, a devout Muslim woman from Malappuram’s Kalikavu village, adopted Sreedharan. He was less than a year old. Despite her refusal to convert him to Islam, she nurtured him as her own. He said on Monday, May 8, that Subaida was “an irreplaceable gift from god” and posted a picture of her.  Subaida departed on June 2019.

One could question what this spiritual connection between a Hindu man and a Muslim woman of two distinct generations is. The solution can be seen in a touching story of maternal love and goodness, as well as in the knowledge that religion does not define a person.

Adoption of the 3 kids

Subaida couldn’t stand to see Sreedharan, his sisters Ramani, and Leela grow up without a mother after the untimely passing of their mother Chakki, who was more of a friend to Subaida than a domestic helper at her home. She brought the three kids home and started raising them there, certain that her husband Abdul Aziz Haji would not object to her choice. 


At this point, Subaida and Aziz Haji already had two biological boys, Shanavas and Jafer, and she would later give birth to a girl. Sreedharan and his sisters were raised by the couple as their own children. Despite this, they are still call them umma and uppa (the names for mother and father, respectively, in Malayalam).

A Kerala Muslim Woman Became A Mom Of Three Hindu Children!

Some of you expressed scepticism when I first broke the news of my umma’s dying. There were questions about whether a Muslim guy with the name Sreedharan could exist even after I released a photo of myself wearing a taqiyah. When I was around a year old, my mother passed away. Two of my sisters are. I also had a father. This umma and uppa welcomed us to their home on the exact day my mother passed away. 

Sreedharan’s reply about his decision of not converting to Islam

Later, Sreedharan revealed to TNM that he had previously questioned his adoptive parents’ decision not to convert him to Islam. “Their initial reaction was worry. They questioned me about any unfavourable remarks I had received. Also, hey stated to me that we shouldn’t let religion define anybody after I comforted them. They said that all faiths ultimately communicate the same message- to love and assist others. However, it is humans who misinterpret these teachings.

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