Insydfeed is a rapidly emerging content sharing platform which is known for its quirkiness! It was kick-started by a flock of like-minded Engineering Graduates belonging to the Fort City of India, Vellore! They initiated it with a mutual intention of providing some simple yet sassy, informative yet interactive and unusual yet useful content to one & all.

As its name itself says; Insydfeed acts an ‘Insider’ which spies through all the lanes of daily urban life and handpicks some exciting ‘Insights’ and ‘Feed’ you with them to the fullest – fulfilling your need & desire to stay updated in today’s fast growing world. It provides you with a very wide spectrum of content across all the domains like Food, Travel, Fashion, Fitness, Entertainment, etc. Insyfeed feeds everyone! Its engaging content makes it appealing to people from all the different walks of life: Kids, Adults, College Goers, Professionals, etc.

This platform is a perfect amalgamation of Usefulness & Uniqueness. It always serves you with the main course garnished with some fun – with a dash of excitement & a lil pinch of creativity. Insydfeed commits to feed you always, across all the seasons of like, with such a content which will excite you and provide you with some value at the same instance of time.

To make it simple, short & sweet;Where there is Need, There is Insydfeed!!!”