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Famous Youtuber Dies After Aiming To Reach 300 KMPH!

Agastya Chauhan, a YouTuber, unfortunately, perished away on May 3, 2023. While he tried attempting to travel at 300 KMPH on the Yamaha motorway. Chauhan was riding a Kawasaki ZX10R, a 1000cc superbike, from Agra to Delhi while documenting the trip for his 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Sadly, Chauhan lost control of his bike and it collided with a motorway divider. He suffered head injuries and died after the helmet he was wearing split into numerous pieces. According to reports, the young person was just 25 years old.

Famous Youtuber Dies After Aiming To Reach 300 KMPH On His Superbike!

Even in the hands of skill riders the Kawasaki ZX10R is a high-performance motorbike that is quite risky. The motorbike undergoes 100 kph within 3 seconds and goes 200kph within 10 seconds. These figures emphasize the value of riding these motorcycles in a controlled setting where safety precautions may be taken, like a racecourse.

Famous Youtuber Dies After Aiming To Reach 300 KMPH On His Superbike!

This occurrence is not unique in any way. A similar event had occurred earlier in the Kallakurichi area of Tamil Nadu. A 23-year-old man lost his life in November 2022 after being struck by an SUV while he was taking a U-turn on the Salem-Chennai highway. After being struck by the Ford EcoSport, the motorcyclist was propelled into the air and the motorbike was carried for a distance for a several metres.

Famous Youtuber Dies After Aiming To Reach 300 KMPH On His Superbike!

Motorcycles, especially those with great performance, should be handled carefully. It is necessary to keep in mind. Speed limits and other traffic laws are in existence for a purpose and you must constantly abide by them. Although riding a motorbike may be an amazing experience it is important to put safety first. Agastay Chauhan’s passing serves as a warning of the perils of careless driving. A need of using all purposes like safety measures when operating a super bike is a must.

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