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R Madhavan Calls Himself ‘A Terrible Star’, Here’s How The Actor Actually Feels!

R Madhavan. Popularly known as Maddy. He stole our hearts in the movies Alaipayuthey, 3-idiot, Rang-De-Basanti. He is a multi-lingual actor. Who has worked in a range of films in many languages.

Though we all adore Madhavan. Madhavan feels so down about himself, saying he hasn’t achieved or made it yet. The star has so many goals he wants to achieve. He still wants a more tuned and come version of himself and puts effort into it.

The actor appreciates the love all his fans have for him and he is also so glad that his movies have made great impacts in people’s lives. But to him he just a terrible star.

“If anything, I feel very inadequate right now. I don’t think I’ve ever reached that stage at all. Those sort of realisations happen when I meet a big star or a politician or a leader, who embraces me and means what he says when he says that he really likes my work.”

~Says the actor on Instagram.

He further added that he is very delighted to find out how he has reached to different generations in different ways and makes him assured that he is on the right path.

He also said that he never had settled financially and that still fuels his drive to his better self.

“That hunger to create what is called a ‘star life’ has always kept me wanting more. But I have realised I can never live like a star. I’m a terrible star. I don’t wear designer clothes, I can’t afford to have people around me all the time. I also realised the way you walk at the airport decides how many people mob you and how many people leave you alone. I’m very, very hungry. I don’t think I can ever reach a stage where I can say I’ve made it.”

We must all have something to learn from this actor that we should never settle easily. Though we reach heights, we still continue to run to keep getting better everyday.

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Written by Adib

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